• AMS Institute

    AMS is a new Amsterdam based public-private institute where talent is educated and engineers, designers, digital engineers and natural/social scientists jointly develop and valorise interdisciplinary metropolitan solutions.

    AMS is a valuable HCC partner with expertise on urban innovation technologies and models.

  • Deltares

    Deltares is an independent institute for applied research in the field of water and subsurface. Throughout the world, we work on smart solutions, innovations and applications for people, environment and society. Our main focus is on deltas, coastal regions and river basins. Managing these densely populated and vulnerable areas is complex, which is why we work closely with governments, businesses, other research institutes and universities at home and abroad.

  • Sweco

    The future may seem remote to others, but it is very much present at Sweco. Our building service systems consultants are currently working on the indoor environment for a new hospital that will be admitting patients in five years’ time. Our traffic engineers are currently analysing a new underground metro line that will open to passengers in ten years. Our architects are currently designing what will be a vibrant, dynamic new city district in around 15 years. It is Sweco’s job to be one step ahead. For most people, the results of our work become reality in the future.

  • Fugro

    We are the world’s leading, independent provider of geo-intelligence and asset integrity solutions for large constructions, infrastructure and natural resources. We provide the technical data and information required to design, construct and maintain your structures and infrastructure in a safe, reliable and efficient manner.

  • Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the channel through which the Dutch Government communicates with foreign governments and international organisations.

    The Ministry will act as a sparring partner for Human Cities Coalition for the different work streams and will share their insights on learning platforms and the role of the public sector in public-private partnerships.


    Arcadis is a leading global natural and built asset design and consultancy firm, working in partnership with clients to deliver exceptional and sustainable outcomes.

    Arcadis is one of the founding partners of Human Cities Coalition. Within HCC, Arcadis will use their expertise for the business case proposal and participates local stakeholder meetings.

  • KWR

    KWR generates knowledge to enable the water sector to operate water-wisely in our urbanised society. At KWR, we have a sense of professional and social responsibility for the quality of water. Our scientific findings and the resulting practical innovations contribute, worldwide, to a sustainable water provision in the urban watercycle.

    KWR contributes to HCC with its City Blueprint methodology to map out the city water infrastructure of Manila and Jakarta.

  • Shared Value Foundation

    Shared Value Foundation is a non-profit organisation working in developing countries and aims to contribute to the creation of Shared Value, a business concept that seeks opportunity for businesses to solve societal problems.

    The foundation uses their expertise to contribute to the needs assessment and will co-design the learning programme.

  • UN-Habitat

    UN-Habitat is the United Nations programme working towards a better urban future. Its mission is to promote socially and environmentally sustainable human settlements development and the achievement of adequate shelter for all.

    UN-Habitat and HCC has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to mobilise private sector expertise and investment in sustainable urban development.


  • Witteveen + Bos

    Witteveen en Bos offers clients value-added consultancy and top-quality designs for water, infrastructure, environment and construction projects.

    Witteveen en Bos will use their expertise to provide technical assistance for the implementation of a lab test and the development of a solid business case for the Human Cities Coalition.



    ABN Amro serves retail, private and corporate banking clients with a primary focus on the Netherlands and with selective operations internationally.

    As a partner of the Human Cities Coalition, ABN Amro apply their knowledge to contribute to the creation of blended finance strategies.

  • Delta Lloyd

    Delta Lloyd is a financial services provider for commercial and retail clients. Delta Lloyd offers products and services in insurance, pensions, investment and banking.

    As a partner of the Human Cities Coalition, Delta Lloyd contributes to the creation of blended finance strategies.


  • ITC / University of Twente

    The Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC) of the University of Twente provides education, research and project services in the field of geo-information science and earth observation

    ITC will lead the desk research on inclusive urban development and will share their best practices in developing business cases for slum upgrading.


  • University of Utrecht

    Utrecht University is one of Europe’s leading research universities. Utrecht University is renowned for its innovative interdisciplinary research and emphasis on high-quality education.

    Researchers from the University will lead the quantified research on community needs in Jakarta and Manila and will co-design the learning framework.

  • Kadaster International

    Kadaster International is an advisory body for international activities of the Netherlands’ Cadastre, Land Registry and Mapping Agency (Kadaster)  Kadaster International applies its knowledge of land registrations and geographic information in countries that have need for it.

    Within the Human Cities Coalition, Kadaster International share their expertise on land administration during the lab tests and the development of business cases.

  • ICCO

    ICCO Cooperation is a global, non-governmental organization. ICCO works towards a world  in which people can live in dignity and well-being, a world without poverty and injustice.

    ICCO has conducted the rapid scans for Manila and Jakarta and will participate in local stakeholder meetings and provide support in local coalition building.


  • Slum Dwellers International

    Shack/Slum Dwellers International (SDI) is a network of community-based organizations of the urban poor in 33 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

    SDI will help the Human Cities Coalition in performing the quantitive needs assessment and will provide assistance on community aspects during the development of the business case.


  • FMO

    FMO is the Dutch development bank. FMO’s mission to empower entrepreneurs to build a better world.

    FMO will lend their expertise to the Human Cities Coalition to create a blended finance business model.

  • LANDac

    LANDac, the Netherlands Land Academy, is a partnership between Dutch organisations and their Southern partners working on land governance for equitable and sustainable development.

    LANDac will share their knowledge with the Human Cities Coalition on land governance during the innovation assessment and the business case development.


  • VNG International

    VNG International is the International Cooperation Agency of the Association of Netherlands Municipalities.

    VNGi contributes their knowledge and network to the Human Cities Coalition for the political-economic assessments and will advise us on the role of the public sector in public-private partnerships.

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