How we enable large-scale, inclusive urban development

We solve the problems of rapid urban growth through inclusive public-private sector collaboration. Governments and the private sector bring a wealth of knowledge and financial resources to the equation, while local communities affected by rapid growth are involved in the development processes that affect their lives.

In our model, both the public sector and investors establish the standards for large-scale infrastructure projects while seeking input from the private sector and informal populations. Our specific role within this collaborative matrix is what we call the HCC triangle:

  • Developing comprehensive project plans based on stakeholder engagement processes for informal populations
  • Engaging the private sector in inclusive infrastructure development
  • Supporting governments and investors in integrating inclusive development in procurement processes.

These plans, processes, and assessments generated by our efforts can be plugged in to any master planning and feasibility processes used by the private sector, which in turn sees a competitive advantage in their business operations. Governments benefit by being leading voices in inclusive development and being able to demonstrate that their spending has impact on informal populations.

All of this this makes our approach unique and sustainable.

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