We are the Human Cities Coalition.

The Human Cities Coalition wants to make megacities in the emerging world more humane: liveable, prosperous places for all. We want to channel the energy of the metropolis into a force for economic and social development that benefits everyone. In particular the people in slums. We design inclusive processes to build sustainable urban infrastructure and business cases that meet the many planning challenges megacities face. And for which they are often unprepared.

Broad international coalition: From blue-chip companies to grassroots organizations

Urbanisation is a complex and worldwide phenomenon. With global dimensions and long-term consequences that affect everyone. Only if everyone collaborates we can succeed to make the world’s megacities liveable and prosperous places for everyone.

That’s why the Human Cities Coalition, initiated by a group of Dutch companies, has forged a unique coalition that brings together a wide range of partners: international and local, private and public, corporate and grassroots, practitioners and academic, investors and donors. These organizations want to actively contribute their expertise to reduce air and water pollution, introduce flood controls or design new financing mechanisms for large infrastructure projects such as water sanitation and affordable housing.

‘Building consensus’ is in the DNA of Dutch society, reflected in our tradition to shape publicly-supported, durable public-private partnerships to deal with some of society’s biggest issues. Just think of its centuries-old water management.

The Executive Board compensation policy has been established by the Supervisory Board on 6 September 2016. Salaries adhere to the legal standards of the VFI and DGIS norms.