A letter of thanks from the HCC team

Dear Reader,

In early summer, we concluded to end the Human Cities Coalition’s inception phase and, with that, our activities in Jakarta and Manila.

We are proud of what we have achieved so far, and because these accomplishments are not ours alone, we want to make sure this work won’t get lost. Therefore, over the last months, we have focused on wrapping-up the inception phase in both a proper and elegant manner to ensure that our sunk investment and lessons learned are captured, and where needed, brought into ‘safe havens’. The work in Jakarta and Manila has been carefully handed over to key stakeholders.

On the HCC website, all public documents can be found including the HCC final report. This report describes the lessons learned and key achievements from the inception phase. Feel free to use some of this in your future work in inclusive urban development. If there is any further help you need in this process, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Most things are difficult before they become easy. One of the most important lessons learned for the Human Cities Coalitions’ team and its Supervisory Board is the immense need for more effort around enhancing SDG 11. The momentum to facilitate work similar to that of Human Cities remains. Meanwhile, the numbers of people living in slums will continue to grow and infrastructure will remain a core challenge and opportunity for change in low- and middle-income country cities.

Although activities have ended in Jakarta and Manila, the Dutch private sector network ‘Roadmap to Human Cities’ will continue on and the Human Cities Coalition Foundation will remain alive as a home for new efforts that contribute towards Human Cities.

It is our sincerest hope your efforts towards achieving SDG 11 and more ‘Human Cities’ will continue on too.

Also, on behalf of our Supervisory Board, we want to thank you for your support of and participation in the Human Cities Coalition.



Liza Bernardo Zorbito (Programme Manager, Manila)

Esther Kristiana Sianipar (Programme Manager Jakarta)

Esther Bosgra (HCC Director)

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