Manila Update: HCC’s engagement in citywide infrastructure plans

Recently activities around the Manila Bay Sustainable Development Masterplan (MBSDM) have commenced. This ambitious initiative originated from an agreement between the Dutch and Filipino government. HCC is working with Deltares to see how we can best bring value to the masterplanning process, especially the parts of this process that entail inclusivity and community participation. HCC has begun to take the work we began in Malabon over a year ago with community input, and feeding that into the city’s larger masterplanning and infrastructure projects.

Given the importance we place on working together as a coalition, HCC’s contribution would entail making use of the strength of our partnerships. When it comes to the MBSDM, we look to closely aligning efforts with our partner Deltares. Right now, Deltares is spearheading an overarching environmental and social inclusion framework that basically encompasses all the other masterplans and can be used in conjunction with other masterplans or other infrastructure programmes. This approach means that the MBSDM will not replace other masterplans but can be used alongside ongoing plans and projects.

HCC is working with Deltares to see how it can best bring value to the masterplanning process, especially the parts of this process that entail inclusivity, community participation, and working with communities. Of the six different themes that make up the MBSDM, HCC is involved with two: inclusive growth and upgrading informal settlements. As part of the masterplanning process, 30 focus groups discussions will be undertaken (20 at the NEDA office and 10 at the different coastal communities). HCC is supporting the focus group discussions that are linked to the themes that we worked on.

HCC also shares expertise and learnings built-up over the past year. Included are the many scoping reports of the various studies conducted that contain valuable information about Metro Manila and three different municipalities: Malabon, Pasay, and Navotas. HCC has also developed and tested a step-by-step approach on how to work with communities in creating innovative solutions, for example on housing and electricity challenges faced by ISF communities. Given our desire to ensure everyone a seat at the table, we are also thinking about how we can meaningfully bring in the network that HCC has developed – from private developers to community leaders and the local executives, like the Mayors, of the local government units.

After one year of collaborating with one municipality (Malabon City), HCC is now ready to scale up by partnering with stakeholders within the larger masterplanning processes. This means that HCC is already equipped to undertake municipal-level needs assessments and/or support stakeholder process in all cities and municipalities affected by the MBDSM. Given the work we have already done in Malabon City, HCC is now well-positioned to further participate in the MBSDM process.


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