HCC and SDI to co-host ‘Optimising the value of urban investments’ seminar at Stockholm Sessions

Next week HCC will be participating in the SDISIDA Stockholm Sessions (21-25 May 2018), which will feature speakers like Noble Peace Prize nominee Jockin Arputham –  a slum dweller who ended up co-founding Slum/Shack Dwellers International. During the Stockholm Sessions, on Wednesday May 23, HCC and SDI will co-host a seminar entitled ‘Optimising the value of urban investments’ from 8-9:30 at Myntkabinettet, Slottsbacken 6 in Stockholm, Sweden. SDI is a core partner of HCC and represents a global movement of the urban poor in 32 countries and hundreds of cities and towns across Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Given the acute finance gap when it comes to inclusive urban development in the Global South, this seminar is being co-hosted by HCC and SDI to explore how to bridge this by leveraging community, public, and private sector resources to ensure inclusive city developments. This seminar will bring together community networks and the private sectors to highlight the importance of community-collected data and partnerships in attracting and assuring inclusive private sector investments in order to make inclusive urban planning and development possible at scale.

The starting point for the ‘Optimising the value of urban investments’ seminar is that community networks and the private sector both have serious contributions to make in creating cities that work for all inhabitants. Despite this, there have been few sustainable partnerships that engage these two stakeholders in infrastructure development. SDI, a global grassroots organisation leading the urban poor out of poverty, will initiate a discussion on the valuable and important role of communities in partnerships for urban development. HCC, a public-private partnership that encourages businesses to use their core expertise to accelerate urban development in an inclusive and financially feasible way, will draw their experience of creating PPPPs dedicated to making cities more inclusive and sustainable.

By Hassan Hote (CC BY 2.0)

We are pleased to be co-hosting this seminar with our core partner SDI. If we, as HCC, want to facilitate systems change towards inclusive urban development, then the only way to do this is through a true partnership between the public, private and the people. Unfortunately such partnerships are still quite rare. Working with SDI and the business community has shown me that when everybody has a seat at the table special things happen. I hope the Stockholm Sessions are another step towards eventually making sure this way of working becomes the new ‘business as usual’ for urban development. – Esther Bogsra, HCC Director

Topics to be covered in the 90-minute breakfast seminar include an explanation of why communities as respected partners are important and valuable in inclusive urban development and why data collection is key. Specifically, we will present case studies from Manila and Jakarta to demonstrate the power of a global network of urban poor in creating new partnerships that can bring positive changes to difficult urban landscapes. The session will close with a panel discussion about both the opportunities and challenges of building public private and people partnerships (PPPPs).

Interested to learn more? You’re invited to join us, but please RSVP to reserve a seat (see below).

Event Details

Venue: Myntkabinettet, Slottsbacken 6, Stockholm

Time: 23 May 8.00–9.30 am

Join us: RSVP@sdinet.org

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