Jakarta’s newly-elected Vice Governor endorses the HCC agenda

We are pleased to announce that Hon. Sandiaga Uno, the city’s newly-elected Vice Governor, has embraced the HCC agenda during last week’s senior stakeholder meeting. Vice-Governor Sandiaga Uno opened the session and stressed the importance of inclusive urban development and the need for concrete innovative models to be used in this process.

In line with the New Urban Agenda, and with the support of the Duch government, HCC works to create systemic change in the way urban development is carried out and affordable services are delivered in informal city spaces. In order to bring about this change, we have to ensure that infrastructure investments are made in a more inclusive and sustainable way.

In order to achieve this, the private sector and government should work together in designing social criteria for infrastructure procurement processes that address the most basic needs of people living in slums. Throughout this entire process, local communities should have a prominent seat at the table. In this regard, we have been working very closely with Slum Dwellers International.

During the World Urban Forum in Kuala Lumpur earlier this month, Oswar M. Mungkasa (Jakarta’s Deputy Governor DKI Jakarta Provincial in Spatial Planning and Environment), together with HCC and other key stakeholders, presented our collaborative work about the road towards inclusive urban development. The Deputy Governor feels that the type of system change HCC works towards coincides nicely with his work on Jakarta city’s ‘grand designs’.

The Vice Governor (middle) standing next to the Deputy Governor (right) at the stakeholder meeting.

Then, last week at our Jakarta senior stakeholder meeting we presented two social impact propositions. The first related to combined and cross-subsidized water and sanitation. The second concerned the development of a hybrid RUSUN – RUSUN being the government’s existing socialized housing solution. This issue gained a lot of traction and was picked up by the local media. Currently, local communities feel forced into socialized housing and potentially face severe default rental payments in an already heavily subsidized rental scheme.

With land being both scarce and expensive, alongside an ever-growing population, there remains a huge need for scaling the socialized housing model for in-situ relocation. This also matches well with the ‘kampung improvement’ policy, which was recently launched by Jakarta’s Governor. With our partner Arcadis, we are currently developing a hybrid RUSUN model which is more community centred, has better basic service delivery, and combines a rental with a buying model.

HCC’s Jakarta stakeholders meeting

Together with Oswar M. Mungkasa (Jakarta’s Deputy Governor DKI Jakarta Provincial in Spatial Planning and Environment), we now have two key champions who have expressed their political commitment regarding HCC’s system change agenda. It is HCC’s hope that Jakarta’s government continues to support our work and is keen on becoming one of the world’s leaders when it comes to truly integrating socially inclusive pre-requisites in all its future infrastructure developments.

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