Jakarta innovation workshop: Working towards affordable housing and sanitation in Penjaringan

On October 10 and 11, 40 participants from the Indonesian government, local community, private sector and NGOs gathered together to participate in HCC’s highly interactive social innovation workshop. In this workshop, a group of innovative PPP solutions were designed to address the basic service needs of the slum community in the Penjaringan area.

“The work of Human Cities Coalition and their partners is not only providing temporary solutions but long term and sustainable solutions for our children and their grandchildren.”

For those less familiar with Jakarta, Penjaringan (North Jakarta) is home to more than 30,000 people. Here, housing conditions are poor and dominated by non-permanent houses and 37% of the community occupies illegal land while 53% rent their houses. Access to basic infrastructure services – like clean water, proper sanitation and waste management – is limited. For clean water, 80% of those in Penjaringan depend on purchasing it from private vendors. Konedy, Secretary of Household 17 Penjaringan, stated: “The work of Human Cities Coalition and their partners is not only providing temporary solutions but long term and sustainable solutions for our children and their grandchildren.”

Hosted by Human Cities Coalition, the workshop was opened by Jun de Dios (President Director for AkzoNobel Decorative Paints Indonesia) and Dr. Ir Oswar Muadzin Mungkasa (Deputy Governor for Spatial Planning & Environment DKI Jakarta) while Christopher Winata (Associate Principal CallisonRTKL in Jakarta, an Arcadis design consultancy) led the two-day workshop. After first discussing challenges identified in HCC’s initial needs assessment, the focus quickly moved on to co-creating possible solutions and refining these propositions for Penjaringan.

Improving the current socialised housing scheme

Two core solutions were identified:

  • Finding a combined, single solutions for water and sanitation in slums by designating a fixed point in the community where people can go to buy affordable drinking water and use the sanitation facilities. This was identified as more short-term or interim solution.
  • Improving the current socialised housing scheme in manner that includes community in the design process and ensures better access to basic services.

The innovation workshop was a great moment for interaction, here a lot of the work carried out in Jakarta these past months came together. With all stakeholders around the table, we used the outcomes of the needs assessment to jointly design solutions for improving the delivery of and access to basic services in the Penjaringan area. This was key because it created a synergy between various private and public institutions that resulted not only in better propositions, but helped ensure participants, including the local community, are committed providing support in the development and implementation phases.

– Fleur Henderson, HCC Director

We are pleased to welcome this strategic partnership where this initiative will accelerate the performance of DKI Jakarta Provincial Government in improving clean water and sanitation facilities and infrastructure in densely populated areas. In the future we hope there will be initiatives from other companies to improve our Jakarta City as one of the world’s greatest megalopolises where Indonesia puts on its best face.

- Dr. Ir Oswar Muadzin Mungkasa, Deputy Governor for Spatial Planning & Environment DKI Jakarta


As next steps, we will conduct more in-depth research with household surveys and FGDs to obtain  detailed data related to each  proposition. Then we will choose one or two of the aforementioned proposed solutions focused on water and sanitation and/or housing and work it into a full social impact proposition for Penjaringan. Through this process we will also explore the possibility of a future clean-up of lake Waduk Pluit, which is the heavily contaminated reservoir located next to the Penjaringan slum area.

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