AkzoNobel’s leadership remains committed to HCC

Last week HCC’s founding partner AkzoNobel announced the resignation of Ton Büchner as CEO and as Chair of the Human Cities Coalition Supervisory Board. HCC wants to thank Mr. Büchner for his commitment to establishing and overseeing this innovative public-private initiative. Since our foundation, Mr. Büchner has acted as the Chairman of HCC’s Supervisory Board.

Human Cities Coalition, whose roots lay in AkzoNobel’s Human Cities Initiative, has been a strong, independent organization comprised of multiple coalition partners since 2016. Despite changes in leadership, AkzoNobel’s underlying values and commitment to HCC’s work have not changed. AkzoNobel stated that they remain fully committed to the mission of HCC, namely: working through private and public sector partnerships to crowd private capital in order to stimulate truly inclusive and sustainable urban development.

André Veneman, AkzoNobel Corporate Director Sustainability, reiterated: ‘AkzoNobel’s commitment to HCC will remain unchanged’. Mr. Veneman also told other coalition partners that AkzoNobel is truly grateful for the progress being made under the leadership of Directors Fleur Henderson and Ronald Lenz in giving a voice to informal urban populations.

In some of his final words as CEO, Ton Büchner stated: ‘Our commitment to value creation, sustainability, innovation and the communities in which we operate is a major driver of our success. Thierry Vanlancker (the newly appointed CEO) is a great addition to the team and is well placed to take AkzoNobel forward, delivering long term value creation for all stakeholders’.

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