Human Cities Coalition is a convener and catalyst for urban change. The coalition pioneers business models for urban infrastructure development that include the voices and needs of the urban poor.

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Rapid urbanisation is a persistent and urgent global trend that calls for new approaches to managing urban growth. Governments in developing countries cannot do it alone and do not have the resources to deliver basic services to the informal sector. HCC believes private capital can and should be injected in large-scale urban infrastructure programmes for inclusive development. Furthermore, by supporting crowding in private capital, the funding gap can be closed.

As such, we focus on inclusivity and we actualise that through our triangulation approach to stakeholder participation:

Although others work in urban development from an inclusivity angle, HCC is a unique public-private partnership that strives to stimulate systemic change by making inclusivity the norm in procurement processes for large urban infrastructure projects that affect slums.

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Rapid urbanisation calls for a new approach. HCC unites companies, communities, governments and civil society in order to address the complex problems of rapidly expanding megacities together.

AkzoNobel, Founding Partner of HCC

From September 2016 – September 2018 we piloted aspects of sustainable business models in two cities: Jakarta, Indonesia and Manila, The Philippines. HCC worked in these two megacities because they face enormous slum challenges and long-term, large master planning processes for urban infrastructure projects that directly affect those living in slums and informal settlements.

Given that all the actors, elements and processes for successful master planning have not yet been well-integrated in Manila or Jakarta, these cities offered us a challenging opportunity with which to effect systems change. The strategic selection of two pilot cities that lie along river deltas was based the water management expertise available from our Dutch partners.

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